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April 6, 2011


Tower 23 004

Holy Cheeseburger! Yes please.

Tower 23 003

Steamed Mussels– delish! A friend visiting from LA said “best she’s had in 5 years.”

Tower 23 009

My friend @NicoleLTate is in town for “National Association of Professional Organizers” The conference is supposed to bring together professional organizers from all over the world.  When she told me I had to stop and think, Really?

But I guess that makes sense, sometimes people need someone or something to put some order back in their lives… Right? I’m sure that would come in handy once in a while. Don’t You?

After work, I took her to Jrdn in Pacific Beach for a bite to eat. I call it Tower 23 because that’s the name of the hotel, it’s right on the beach and its perfect to watch the sunset. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal there, but this time they didn’t have any of the wines we asked for.  The waitress told us “we don’t have that, period.”   lol!

The conference is in San Diego on April 6-9th, you can find more info here.  Let me know if you stop by, I’m curious about it.

Here’s the info on the restaurant, if you’ve never been to San Diego, and plan on visiting I’d say it’s a California cool ocean front experience!

– For more photos click here!

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3 thoughts on “Indulge

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    Ohh… SanDiego.. I just can imagine the sparklings of it here. so so far away from here.but thanks I know a litlle about SanDiego that others never told me except U. 🙂

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    San Diego is so beautiful… everyone should visit at least once if you can. Are you in Indonesia?

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    Yeah you’re right..from the photos you showed us San Diego is so beatifull… I’m from Indonesia. 🙂

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