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Baking with Nicole


My sister has always been a natural when it comes to baking. I guess it makes sense when you’re born with the sweetest tooth known to man!
I’ve been asking her to guest blog for months, and now she finally got to it! I can’t wait to visit Santa Barbara soon. You can see my previous trips here and here.

Here is her Red Velvet Hello Kitty cake.

I just came to say…Hello!

One of my favorite hobbies is baking because it takes my mind off everything but what I’ve got in front of me. I bought this Hello Kitty cake mold last year and hadn’t found the right occasion to use it…until tonight! Tomorrow is my friend Kaitlin’s birthday and I thought she would like this cake since we both share a common love for this cute little kitty.
I had a blast decorating this sweet little treat tonight!








p.s. she is wearing the Charlotte apron. You can find it here.

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  1. Teresa Teresa

    I love the pictures, the stories, and the step by step hello kitty cake!

    • Me too! I just wish I could have some!

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