July 16, 2012

Huaca del Sol y la Luna

This feels like the longest I’ve spent in one place… Almost six days in Huanchaco. I’ve visited the ruins in the area, both Chan Chan and the Huaca del Sol y la Luna.  I have to say by far my favorite has been El Brujo, the first site I saw.  

Since I’ve been in this town, I’ve experienced so many different emotions. It’s hard to understand how this roller coaster could happen at one time and in one place, but I guess sometimes that’s how the world works.
We had a run in with a rude hostel owner… A minor dispute, combined with other issues that snowballed into a bigger firestorm I wasn’t prepared to handle. 
It’s all behind me now.  An obstacle to learn and grow from.  
I’m also starting to realize that the days of laying out under the sun’s rays are slowly coming to an end.  We are chasing the winter, and now it’s overcast more often than its sunny.  My mood changes without the sun’s glow. 
I met a couple with two kids who were deported from Brazil after arriving from London.  They don’t have visas, so they got the boot!  Looking back, I guess my situation wasn’t nearly as bad. 

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