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Hot Plates Coming Up

I spent part of 1-1-11 feeding the homeless at Father Joe’s Villages. Everybody who sat down got a hot plate with fresh fruit, a small salad and a sweet little piece of chocolate mousse cake. 

On certain holidays like Christmas and New Years Day, volunteers serve the homeless, so they can have a special meal and they don’t have to wait in line like they normally do.  

Father Joe

first and last photo courtesy: Emily Velez

Click here for information on how you can help!


  1. Mim Mim

    Thanks for blogging about your experience! I’ve posted the link on the Father Joe’s Villages facebook page. 🙂

    • I had so much fun! It was actually more work than I thought, but it was a really great experience 🙂
      Keep me posted for the next one. Easter, right?

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