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My friend Steve was just in Germany. I did NOT know Oktoberfest was going on right now!!!  Cheers, or should I say Prost!   He’s now in Prague, and this is just the beginning of his trip.  Since I’ve never been to Germany or Prague, I asked him to guest blog.. 

Here’s Steve’s adventure, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 

Sept. 20-24
     “We flew in on a late afternoon flight into Munich, and after getting situated in our hotel room which was conveniently located 1/4 mile from the Munich Hbf train station, we got some chow at a great Italian place then followed the lederhosen to Oktoberfest. Its kind of had to equate Oktoberfest to ANYTHING i’ve been to in the US. It’s like the Electric Daisy Carnival, or the Del Mar Fair, except EVERYBODY is stupid drunk, or on their way there.”

    “It’s located in a huge fairgrounds area, where there are your typical carni-food tents, but the real madness takes place inside one of the 10 beer gardens, where they “seat” anywhere from 3,500 to 8,000 people uncomfortably…and each tent also has outdoor seating areas for probably another 500-3000 people each. The typical setup is this: 12 foot-ish picnic tables jammed up against each other for as far as the eye can see, walking areas for the beer-wenches to get back and forth with the liter steins to the tables, and a band of some sort on the main stage. You can make reservations, but us real travellers didn’t do any of that. We kind of just asked the wenches if there were any available, and eventually if you were lucky like us, they shoehorned you in between revelers, from every part of the globe.

This is the part when you start to drink beer. And stand and pound on the tables. And sing songs. Especially American southern Rock songs, as well as the standard Proost’ing chant. As the night goes on, no one is sitting. You are screaming at the top of your lungs, hoping that you don’t take a header off the tables onto some other drunk. But even if that DID happen, you just got up, cheers’ed and carried on. In the US, 748329798238748932987432 fights would break out, OSHA would have a heart attack, and people would be dying. Not here.

The only beer served is the respective Pilsner from the tent you are in (which has to meet Germanys purity test), and luckily does not exceed crazy levels of alcohol…. not to say that drinking a liter every 20-30 mins won’t get you hammered. Everybody is here to have a good time, and its definitely not for the prude, or for the lightweight. I went balls to the wall the first night, and luckily held back the next day, as we spent from 10am – 10pm at Oktoberfest.

This is a very abbreviated explanation of this event, I know, but I think it’s best described like this: “Holy Crap!” Munich itself is similar to many metropolitan cities, except they have one of the lowest violent crime rates in Germany, so even at 3 am, wandering dark streets, I still felt safe.”

Oktober fest ends Oct. 3rd.  Here’s info on the next one.

Sept- 25- ? 


    “I was graced with a bit of the flu, and after going on a tour of the city given by a fellow Redditor, she took us to the Beer Museum, where they had 31 different beers on tap, all regional, all kinds that you can’t get outside of that shop.  By this time I couldnt really taste anything, but nothing burned my throat or made me puke, so they must have been good.  Our hotel is in the Praha 6 area, a bit out out of the way of everything, save for the metro right outside our doorstep
that leads straight to the city in 3 stops.  Prague is a beautiful city, with its cobblestone streets and varying type of architecture… strange at first but after realizing the Czech history a bit, not so surprising, as it has always been in the middle of a tug of war between every empire except the Greeks in the past 2000 years.  Windy streets lined with souvenir shops and restaurants and bars open up to majestic squares containing artifacts of their rich history.  

“We took a short trek to the Prague Castle (800 years in the making), where we saw a brief glimpse of the inside of the main cathedral.  The castle is a bit odd-looking, in that the cathedral is textbook gothid-dark and gloomy, while the rest of the castle looks like brick and stucco (yes it’s not stucco, but if you look at it, it looks like stucco).

From the castle walls you get a jaw-dropping view of the city, and at least 50 of the spires, and the Charles Bridge, constructed at 1357997531 (look it up), thusfar has withstood the longest out of the 3 bridges that were constructed in its place.   Tonight we will venture into the city and I just wanna roam around popping into various cafe and bars, and possibly find a good jazz club.  Tomorrow we are unsure what we will do, but it may involve going to a symphony
or possibly a paddleboat ride down the river.  Even with the taxicab drivers trying to ream Americans, the people here are very friendly, food and drink are very cheap, and has a lot to offer.  

In a few days,


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