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bomb truck7

Food trucks are always popping up around this city, and I’m always up for trying something new.  I’ve been making an effort not to eat at the same place twice… you know, to explore all my options.
Lucky for me San Francisco has many options!!

I’ve seen the “bomb truck’ parked in the Mission District before, but this time I finally stopped and tried their gourmet popsicle.  It was sweet, cheap and refreshing, and it came in a small plastic cup.  Yummi-ness on a stick!

bomb truck6>

I tried the Guava. It’s vegan and made from Almond milk, and they also have a Nutella flavor.

bomb truck3

Erica dropped hers and this cute little dog licked it right up.

bomb truck5

bomb truck4

bomb truck8

Barriga llena, corazón contento!


  1. Nicole Nicole

    Eat well, live well! hahaa, I love how you got the play by play of the dog eating the popsicle off the floor! cute 😉

    • Ha! Cute, right?!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    As always you look beautiful, I love to read your stories!

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