July 12, 2012

El Brujo

This archeological site was discovered not too long ago, near Trujillo, Peru. It’s called El Brujo because, curanderos used to hold their healing rituals in these hills.

In 2005, the mummy of Dama de Cao was found inside a tomb, along with her gold, jewelery, and other artifacts. (From what I understand, she was the first governess of Peru.) The museum shows the history of the Moche tribe… they were around way before the Incas, way, way before.
You can’t take pictures inside the museum, but we did see the mummy with her long hair and tattoos!

Outside, there are several murals including one that shows prisoners in a sacrifice ritual.
It was pretty intense! The site overlooks the ocean… Chris says “to add to the charm of the place, there was a perfect empty surf break.”
The site is so new, people continue to dig to learn more about the ancient culture.

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