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August 2, 2011

San Francisco Street Food Festival


Over the weekend I had a chance to sample some of the fine treats that will be at the 3rd annual San Francisco Street Food Festival. I can honestly say I tried just about everything on this menu, and it was scrumptious!
The event is put on by La Cocina. It’s an non-profit organization that helps people who love to make food, ( low-income and immigrant women) launch and grow their food business.

The festival is August 20th, in the Mission.

Takoyaki- fried or grilled octopus

shrimp po'boy

Shrimp po boy

pulled pork and eggs

Pork belly blt and scotch eggs


The tamales were amazing!  The lady who makes them is so cute. She said “My tamales are stuffed with love, and the best people are stuffed with my tamales.”

If anyone asks… I only had one! (but since Nicole is a vegetarian, more for me.)


This is a gordita taco- crispy wax moth larvae, grilled onions, with a side of jicama salad.  Yes, I said moth larvae…it’s an edible bug.

here’s a close-up!
edible bugs

I’ll let you decide what you think about that one.

strawberry apps

strawberry ricotta bruschetta-  I’m making this at home!

party favors

party favors!

Let’s talk sugar…


Dulce de leche crepes

food tasting

You can find more info on the food festival here, and learn more about La Cocina here.



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2 thoughts on “San Francisco Street Food Festival

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    Delicious, everything looked delicious!

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      it was! ate so much my tummy hurt 🙂

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