June 30, 2012


It took us over 8 hours to get to Cuenca from the coast. It was a horribly planned trip, we didn't eat anything because we thought we would have time in Guayaquil… no such luck.
We got into town a little after 10 at night so we took a cab to the first hotel in town.
It looked great at first glance, but when we went to bed… We realized the mattress was so uncomfortable, that we were forced to sleep on the twin bed!

The hotel is in downtown Cuenca, and it is across the street from a beautiful church. At 6:45 am we woke up to bottle rockets sounding off and a marching band! They went on for two hours outside our balcony… at 6:45!!!

Needless to say, we found another hostel that is cheaper and we were able to sleep through the night. (only a few car alarms at night and the sound of church bells in the am.)

The weather is similar to San Francisco… in the 50's, but the sun comes out every now and then. It's very colonial and the churches are so beautiful and big.

The food is incredibly cheap and delicious… Lunch for both of us was $4 and dinner for two was $10. We are staying here through the weekend, and then heading south to Loja.

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