August 12, 2012


It’s hard to believe I’ve been on this trip for two months already! Feels nice!

We spent the past few days in Chiclayo, it’s a little-big city… if you know what I mean. It has everything from museums to casinos and lots of clothing stores. We went to two museums- “El señor de Sipan” and the “Bruning Museum, in Lambayeque.
You can’t take pictures in El señor, but I liked that one the best, lots of gold in there!
The next day, we took a mini-bus to the beaches of Chiclayo: Pimentel and Santa Rosa. That’s where I had the best chicharron mixto in all of Peru!

I also had some good luck in the casino, but I made a rookie mistake by drinking Cuba Libres with ICE! Let’s just say my tummy was not happy after that one.

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