San Francisco, U.S.

Muir Woods

Now that the weather has switched from warm and sunny to practically fra-eezing this winter, all I want to do is stay under the covers.  I did however take advantage of the very unusual San Francisco temps while they were here.  Last weekend, the boyfriend and I took a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods.   We only made it… Read More Muir Woods

San Francisco, South America

New Years Eve

hello 2012, Last year was a good year… I moved to San Francisco, and landed a job in a top 10 market, met my special someone, paid off my student loans, and went on several vacations including: Maui, New York, and countless trips back to LA and San Diego! If you look here, my resolutions… Read More New Years Eve

San Francisco, U.S.


Food trucks are always popping up around this city, and I’m always up for trying something new.  I’ve been making an effort not to eat at the same place twice… you know, to explore all my options. Lucky for me San Francisco has many options!! I’ve seen the “bomb truck’ parked in the Mission District… Read More Guava-licious

San Francisco, U.S.

Last Days of Summer

Okay so I know summer isn’t over just yet, but Labor Day is next week and I usually associate that with the end of summer. Maybe it’s because kids are back to school, the weather starts to change, and maybe it’s because of that old-school rule where you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor… Read More Last Days of Summer

San Francisco, U.S.

Chocolate Heaven

I’m not kidding when I say this is a chocolate lover’s paradise. My sister and I walked to Ghiradelli yesterday, after our trip to Alcatraz. We didn’t want to eat much because we were headed to a food tasting later in the evening, and I am so glad we shared this dessert. The La Cocina… Read More Chocolate Heaven

San Francisco, U.S.

On the job

hey there, here’s a quick update from San Francisco… things are going great! It’s been a really busy week at work, but I’m excited because I got a surprise visit from my boyfriend, and my sister is in town this weekend.  We are headed to Alcatraz for the first time, and then have plans to go to… Read More On the job

San Francisco, U.S.

Ocean Beach

I miss the beach so much, and today was the first time I sunk my toes in the sand since I’ve been here.  It’s obviously a very different scene from the sunny San Diego beaches I’m used to. There is an Ocean Beach in SD too, but No bathing suits here,  at least not today. … Read More Ocean Beach