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Paradise Point

I’ve become all too familiar with airports, traveling and packing. When this month is said and done, I can say I was at SFO every weekend but one.  Last weekend, I had to take an unexpected flight to San Diego.  No biggie– It’s one of my favorite places to be! Since I used to live… Read More Paradise Point

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Birthday Candles

I can’t believe it’s already been over a week since my birthday! I would have shared the details earlier, but I got incredibly sick the day after. So here it goes… There was a sweet surprise waiting for me at the airport when I arrived in San Diego. The weekend was filled with other sweet… Read More Birthday Candles

San Diego, U.S.

Weekend shots

I’m back from my San Diego trip, and it looks like I came back with a small cold.  🙁 What I didn’t come back with, was my cell phone.  I guess I left it in a taxi, and after multiple calls and text messages I came to the realization that I’m not getting my smart-phone back.   What… Read More Weekend shots

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Holy Cheeseburger! Yes please. Steamed Mussels– delish! A friend visiting from LA said “best she’s had in 5 years.” My friend @NicoleLTate is in town for “National Association of Professional Organizers” The conference is supposed to bring together professional organizers from all over the world.  When she told me I had to stop and think,… Read More Indulge

San Diego

A New You

Life is tough, and sometimes it’s easy to get off track.  But it’s never to late to start over and reinvent yourself.  I know, I know…you are probably thinking easier said then done.  Not really… sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get you going. Do you remember when I got that award not too long ago. I… Read More A New You

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Candy Shoppe

I went to a baby shower with the sweetest little set-up. Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Chocolate covered pretzels, bite- size lollipop cakes, and gummy worms. Can you say candy heaven!!! Congratulations to the happy couple 😉 What a sweet disposition Thank you for the goody bag too… it was gone… Read More Candy Shoppe

San Diego

Beach Community

I love San Diego!  I was eating dinner with a friend last night, when I told him I would be right back.  That’s when I ran about a block to the beach to take these photos.  I had been staring at the sky while we were waiting for our food, and noticed the beautiful purple and pink tones.  I don’t know… Read More Beach Community

San Diego

Domestic Bliss

My friend Lindsay and her fiance Kier are getting married this year, and I think these are the best engagement photos I’ve ever seen. The photographer is Jen Lauren Grant.  Don’t you just want to get married tomorrow so she could take your pictures? I do! Here are a few shots taken at the Thompson hotel in… Read More Domestic Bliss

San Diego

Spring Fling

I went to Spring Trials this weekend, basically it’s an event in the flower industry that takes place up and down the coast of California. Companies showcase their latest flowers and also check out the competition. I don’t really know much about flowers or plants, other than the fact that they are extremely beautiful and… Read More Spring Fling