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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires welcomed us with 2 days of 90 degree heat…and on the third day we got drenched!
Apparently not the typical weather for this time of year. My uncle Juan Carlos and his wife Orit live in Capital, and I have several aunts, uncles and cousins I recently met who live 40 minutes away in Castelar.  They are the best!  The city is huge, but easy to get around with the Subte, train, or buses.

We ate bife de chorizo that was to die for, and watched a tango show at Cafe Tortoni.  We were also there on 8N, an anti-government protest that filled the streets.  Seeing the marcha reminded me of my days in SF and Oakland reporting on the countless Occupy protests.

On our last night in the big city, the three of us met up with my cousin Alejandra and we danced the night away in Palermo!!

Avenida 9 de Julio 


Plaza de Mayo 
the Pink House 

2 Alejandras, Chris and Nicole

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