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March 31, 2011

Beach Community

I love San Diego!  I was eating dinner with a friend last night, when I told him I would be right back.  That’s when I ran about a block to the beach to take these photos.  I had been staring at the sky while we were waiting for our food, and noticed the beautiful purple and pink tones. 

I don’t know how many people you know that would leave dinner to take a picture, but I guess I’m just silly like that. 🙂  These photos actually inspired me for another project I’m working on…but we’ll talk about that later.

Beach Community 008

-Pacific Beach

Beach Community 009

-the pier

Beach Community 010

-Pictures by Alejandra Cerball.  You can see more here and here.

Let’s not forget about the beaches in Santa Barbara.  My sister sent me this picture when she was laying out.  Uh — hello ugly naked guy!

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    Great Blog…all the pictures are wonderfull. 🙂 I think your blog will be in my list. Thankyou 🙂

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      Thank you! Im happy to hear that 😉

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