March 30, 2014


Bali is everything I imagined it would be and more. This is my first time in Indonesia and I’m sure I’ll be back soon. We are in Kuta Beach, it’s very touristy, filled with Western restaurants, and people trying to sell you stuff on the beach- but the Bali vibe is great.
How we got here- We arrived around 1:30pm at the airport, and had to pay an unexpected $25 for the Visa. I changed the few baht I had to rupiah and got a taxi. Our driver recommended a hotel, but Christian didn’t like the first choice, so the driver took us to another place that was much better.  We got a room with AC at Pendawa Gapura Hotel in Kuta, for 350,000 Rupiah that’s approx $30 a night.


What we ate- We walked less than 10 minutes to the beach, and checked out this place called Sandbar… The food is delicious, and we’ve eaten here twice. Lots of seafood around here, and breakfast at the hotel is free.
The bar scene is awesome- two for one drinks at the first place we went to.  I drank so many Bitangs (Bali beer) on Saturday I lost count. 
(Bamboo restaurant)
Activities- The beach is great, and there are lots of places to go shopping. I bought a sarong on the beach, and after cruising by some street vendors I bought two more for the same price I paid for the first one.
(I didn’t write that, but I do love Bali)

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