My First Burning Man Experience – Black Rock City

Every year 70,000 people gather in the desert for one magical week during Burning Man.  Located in Black Rock City, Nevada approximately 122 miles north of Reno, Burning Man is typically held the last few days of August and first few days of September.

Everyone’s time in Black Rock City is entirely unique, imaginations run wild and possibilities are limitless.  It’s a temporary city built by the people who live here and around every corner there is something new.

I came with an open mind and no expectations.

I left with a happy heart and so much positive energy.

It’s tough to explain what happens during those dusty days in dreamland…but it’s something you must see, feel and taste on your own.

I danced until I couldn’t feel my feet anymore, cycled around for miles to soak in the captivating art, saw the most pristine sunrises and sunsets and shared so many perfect moments with so many beautiful souls.  My first burn was incredible.

It’s true what they say… It’s hard to get here, it’s hard to be here, and it’s hard to leave, but it’s an incredible journey that will keep you wanting to come back home for more.

Have you been to Burning Man?  How about any other burns around the world?  Are you planning on going next year?

2018 Burning Man begins on Sunday, August 26 and ends on Monday, September 3.

For ticket information, click here.

Burning Manphoto by Jeannie Lee 

Burning Man

Burning Man

Black Rock City







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