Asia Thailand

The journey

18 hours on a plane, 9 hours on a train and 6 hours on a ferry- that’s how long Christian and I have traveled so far, and it’s only day three of our trip.

The flight from LAX to Taiwan wasn’t too rough, considering I was in the middle seat for 14 hours. Eek! We arrived in Bangkok at 2am and took the 6am subway to the train station so we could head South. 
Our plans to take the first train out, were quickly derailed. 
The 8am train was full, so we bought tickets for the next one at 1pm. 
So what do you do when you have time to kill? Eat Thai food, drink Thai beer and get a Thai massage.
We decide to cruise around Bangkok and stopped by a few temples. They tell me this one is called “the lucky Buddha.”

Did I mention it is hot, not just hot… But sweat dripping down your face hot! 
The train was vintage, so you can imagine what it was like for 9 hours in the middle of the day with one tiny little fan, and the windows open. It was about $12 from Bangkok to Champhon. 

When we got to Champhon at 10pm, we had originally planned to stay the night, but plans quickly changed after a chance encounter with another couple, who knew how to get to Ko Tao. In a matter of thirty seconds we got in a cab with them and booked our tickets on the overnight ferry to the island. 
This is Ko Tao at 6am, on Chalok Baan Kao Beach. And this is me… Finally at the beach! 

(I picked up a free guide book at the pier, which ended up being a big help.)